What’s the Cost of Scalp Micropigmentation?

We understand that scalp micropigmentation treatment is a very personal procedure. Like you, each treatment procedure is special and unique. Therefore, the final cost of the treatment is calculated according to the individual needs of each of our clients.

During a free, non-binding consultation, we will be able to determine the exact cost of the entire process. Each treatment is made to individual order, individually designed to connect with other hair and ideally fit the face.

Scalp Micropigmentation Price

  • Receding hairline (zones 1-3) from 400 € to 600 €
  • Receding hairline + Top of head(zones 1-6) from 800 € to 1100 €
  • Receding hairline + Top of head + Back of head (zones 1-7) from 1200 € to 1500 €
  • Back of head (Strefa 6-7) from 400 € to 500 €
  • Whole head (All zones + Sides of the head) from 2000 € do 3000 €
  • Scars on head – from 350 € – send a photo to find out the price

The standard procedure involves 3 to 4 treatment sessions. The time when the pigment becomes completely fixed in the epidermis is diversified, which is why our treatments are covered by a 12-month warranty consisting in an unlimited number of free extra sessions.

Get to know the exact cost of the treatment

The given prices are approximate prices, the actual cost depends on the area of the bald scalp and the individual needs of the client for this purpose:

Make an appointment for a free consultation with our specialist who is also after the scalp micropigmentation, send us few pictures of your head and describe your expectations in detail and we will determine the exact cost of the treatment, which will not change regardless of the number of sessions required to achieve the expected result.

Free consultation can also be done on-line using WhatsApp or Skype.

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