Bad Scalp Micropigmentation procedure

Unfortunately, but once more people come to us for whom the treatment of scalp micropigmentation turned out to be a real nightmare. Our clinic offers emergency help in the form of correction of unsuccessful scalp micropigmentation as well as legal assistance.

Most of the cases we meet are below acceptable standards. The most common mistakes made by inexperienced technicians are:

  • unnatural hair lines,
  • using an inadequate needle or roller for surgery,
  • wrong pigment shade,
  • too deeply embedded pigment,
  • inaccurate combination of micropigmentation with natural hair,
  • uneven setting of dots on the head.

For the inexperienced eye, some errors are not immediately visible and obvious. However, we assume that every client has the right to a professional treatment and a completely natural look. Our many years of experience allows us to offer a range of solutions to repair the effects of the surgery performed in the wrong place.

Repair treatment – CorrectFix™

SMP Rescue Treatment
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