Our clients before and after the procedure

Gallery of our clients before and after scalp micropigmentation using the MicroHairSMP™ method whose task is to reconstruct the natural looking hairline while giving the impression of a head full of short hair.

Our specialists perfectly understand the problem of baldness because they struggled with it, which is why the process of scalp micropigmentation is adapted to the individual needs of our clients while taking care of details, thanks to which our micropigmentation looks perfectly from any angle.


Martin is one of the few of our clients for whom hair loss was not a big problem. Everything changed when he got to know the owner of Krzysztof’s clinic. Martin was shocked how natural are the effects of treatments that are obtained in our clinic …

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Grzegorz’s case is an example of a typical male pattern baldness that was not known until after the age of 35. Losing my hair in a way means influencing my self-confidence. This is the main reason why I decided to do the procedure.

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Timothy is from the USA but currently lives and works in Paris as an English teacher in high school. Due to the exorbitant amount of treatments in France, he decided to come to our clinic in Warsaw.

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Krzysztof od kilku dobrych lat zmaga się z problemem łysienia plackowatego (Alopecia totalis) które pozbawiło go włosów na całym ciele. O mikropigmentacji dowiedział się od swoich kolegów jednak początkowo myślał że sugestie tatuażu na głowie to kolejny żart w jego kierunku…

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Piotr to młody menedżer w firmie z branży bankowości. Niezliczona liczba obowiązków oraz stres to nieodzowne elementy pracy w korporacji które w znacznym stopniu przyczyniły się do nadmiernej utraty włosów u Piotra. Nie czekając na cud postanowił zgolić resztki włosów i…



Matt is a young 26-year-old boy from Silesia. The problem of hair loss began in high school. Less and less hair led Matt to the decision to shave baldly, which contributed to the loss of self-confidence. Loss of hair at an early age is always a lot of stress …

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For Tom the problem of balding after many years has become something normal. Hair transplantation would be too expensive and the risk of its failure would be too high. With the decision to undergo thescalp micropigmentation, Tom also stayed a long time because there were not many clinics on the market that would offer a high level of service …



Adrian is another young client who started to lose his hair at the age of 18. Despite the use of fluids with minoxidil, the hair did not grow back and the money from the wallet diminished with each new drug supposed to inhibit further loss and stimulation of new hair growth …



Luboš came to our Warsaw clinic in Prague. In the Czech Republic there is currently no reputable clinic offering scalp micropigmentation, which is why the main goal of our client was to learn the craft from the best in the industry …



Andrew is an example of a person who, regardless of age, fights for his dreams. Baldness has always made me dizzy and was the reason for many missed decisions in my life. The idea of a tattoo on my head appeared in my head before anyone started offering such services in Poland …