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SMP Cost Calculator

The SMP Cost Calculator is the only such tool on the market that allows you to estimate the cost of scalp micropigmentation and facial hair micropigmentation. Follow the directions below for the cost of the procedure.


calculate the price

SMP Cost Calculator

The calculator below is a tool that will help you find out the approximate cost of Scalp Micropigmentation and Facial Stubble.

  • 01. Tell us something about yourself

  • 02. Mark the areas that require micropigmentation

    Select only areas where you do not have hair or where the thinning is noticeably greater than in areas where hair does not fall out.

  • 03. Your quote

    This is the approximate cost of the procedure, which may ultimately differ from the estimate at a direct meeting with a specialist. If you want to be sure about the price indicated in the calculator, send a photo of your head and PrintScreen from the calculator.

    approximate price

    * price for all sessions necessary to obtain the desired effect

pay in convenient installments

0% Financing Available

As one of the few professional micropigmentation clinics in Poland, we offer the option of paying for the treatment by installments. Thanks to the cooperation of our clinic with the Medical Financial Group SA and the MediRaty installment service, what seemed unattainable is available to everyone.


0% Finance Available in Scalpmann Hair&Head Care

Financing Scalp Micropigmentation treatments is now easier and more profitable than ever! Pay for the procedure in convenient 10 x 0% installments.

How does it work? All you need to do is to give your consent to the transfer of your data, i.e. your name and telephone number, to a MediRaty representative and he will contact you and arrange the financing of the procedure within a few moments.



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