my name is

Christopher Reczynski

I am an experienced scalp micropigmentation specialist and the founder of one of the first clinics in Poland specializing in this type of treatment.

For almost 5 years I have been helping people suffering from hair loss by offering an innovative method of scalp micropigmentation which in countries such as Great Britain and the United States has become a real hit in aesthetic medicine. I share my knowledge and experience on my blog as well as during numerous training courses organized in Poland and abroad.

Scalpmann Hair&Head Care

How it all started

In 2014, after many years of fighting androgenetic alopecia and trying probably all possible methods of combating hair loss, I was still looking for a solution to the problem of baldness. Thousands spent on ineffective drugs only effectively slimmed down my wallet and credited the accounts of pharmaceutical companies. With cosmetics masking alopecia, i.e. microfibers and the hair system that I also had the opportunity to use, I was limited too much and could not function normally in my daily life.

I gave up… I shaved off the rest of my hair, but I did not want to give up fighting for a better look. In 2014, I underwent a scalp micropigmentation treatment at the SKALP clinic, the effects of which continue to this day. Fascinated by the idea of ​​the procedure, I quickly realized that many people in Poland were waiting for such a solution.


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Why is Scalpmann the best choice?

I perfectly understand the problem of baldness and how much the lack of hair on a man’s head can affect self-confidence. The experience I have gained in recent years has allowed me to become an international trainer. Today I am the living example to other people who want to learn and perform high-level micropigmentation treatments.

  • Over 1,000 clients have trusted the Scalpmann clinic for nearly 5 years of operation.

  • We help consciously and do not impose micropigmentation as the only right solution so that we offer use our services only to people who are entirely convinced to the solution.

  • My original method of micropigmentation MicroHairSMP is considered the safest form of pigmentation.

  • Natural and not exaggerated hairlines are our specialty, thanks to which each of our clients is 100% satisfied

  • Our work has been noticed and appreciated by international organizations such as the World Scalp Micropigmentation Awards which in 2018 nominated me in the Discovery of the Year category.

  • Our clinic was awarded the prestigious award granted by clients — Eagles of Medicine 2019.

  • I personally benefited from the procedure and I am a living example of the fact that the “tattoo on the head” is imperceptible and can be an integral part of our image.

experienced specialists

Meet our team

  • Christopher Reczynski

    Warsaw, Kielce, Cracow, Katowice

    Clinic owner, trainer and main specialist in scalp micropigmentation
  • Charles Dziedzic

    Cracow, Katowice

    Consultation specialist
  • Luboš Mnuk

    Prague, Vienna

    Senior specialist and trainer of scalp micropigmentation

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