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Timothy is from the USA, but currently lives and works in Paris as an English teacher in high school. Due to the exorbitant amount of treatments in France, he decided to come to our clinic in Warsaw, which in turn turned out to be almost a half cheaper solution than surgery in any clinic in France.

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Timothy's story

In France, taxes are very high, which is why almost all services are quite expensive, as is the case in the USA, where dental treatment or hair transplantation are very expensive. If I have the option to pay less for any treatment, I do it from simple savings.

Of course, I didn’t want to do it anywhere because after all, it’s a “tattoo” on the head. I have many tattoos, I am not satisfied with all of them, so I approached the micropigmentation procedure with great caution. In Warsaw, I have many friends who helped me analyze the opinion about the Scalpmann clinic. Videos and photos also contributed to the fact that I chose this clinic.

I lost my hair a long time ago, I don’t even remember adding when it started. Most of my friends don’t remember me with my hair. Therefore, I was positively surprised that the procedure did not cause much sensation in my work. I work with young people who are sensitive to any changes. My reflection in the mirror has changed and this is the most important thing for me because I can see a huge difference, especially when I look at old photos. When I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, I smile to myself. A few months after the surgery, I can say that I am a happier person.

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Timothy about us

„I am glad that I was able to perform the procedure in this place. I flew to Poland 3 times and it was still cheaper than performing this procedure in France. As for the effect, I don’t have any exacerbations. I’m happy :)”

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