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The case of Grzegorz is an example of a typical androgenetic alopecia which became known around the age of 35. The decrease in self-confidence and the desire to rejuvenate his appearance are the reasons why Grzegorz decided to undergo the procedure in our clinic.


Gregory's story

The loss of hair has affected my confidence in a way. This is the main reason why I chose the SMP treatment. Previously, for almost a year I was doing research on hair micropigmentation in Poland because I wanted to do it in the best possible place. I have seen the results of the treatments before and had no doubts that this is the perfect solution for me.

A great, readable website with a huge amount of photos before and after the procedure and a conversation with Krzysztof confirmed my belief that I found a professional and a real enthusiast of my work. The very fact that he has it… (SMP) on his head that I can see it and even touch it was amazing for me.

The effects of the treatment exceeded my wildest expectations. Now it is funny to me because you read about it for almost a year and when you are lying on the treatment chair, you start to wonder if everything will look great? will colleagues notice something? My doubts passed after the first 3 hours. Do you know what is the best? That we did the photo session 7 days after the 2nd treatment! Because right after the third session I had to go back to my kids in Melbourne. The third session was just a formality and the final refinement of the final effect.


Grzegorz o nas

„Definitely one of the best decisions of my life. I recommend GJ”

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