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Jacob, like many clients from all over Poland, decided to undergo micropigmentation in our clinic. Even though he lives near Poznan, as he says, our metamorphoses attract special attention.


Jacob's story

My hair fell out quite quickly a few years ago. I didn’t wait too long to shave my head. Today I know that it was a good decision because it was easier for me to decide on micropigmentation of my hair. I have heard that many people have a problem admitting that they have undergone such a procedure, but personally I did not have such a problem. Therefore, my friends noticed the effect immediately. They expected lush hair, although they probably did not fully understand the idea of the whole procedure. Ultimately, however, in their opinion, the effect is really realistic and does not differ from the rest of the hair. That was what I wanted.


Jacob about us

„I heartily recommend!  Christopher approaches his work very professionally and with a great sense of aesthetics – the effect of the treatment is so natural that everyone asks why I shave my head if I have normal hair. The procedure itself definitely had a positive effect on my self-esteem and appearance – which I hear from my friends who agree that I look better. Shaving your head every day is no problem, it takes about 3 minutes. It’s definitely worth it! In addition, Christopher is a very nice man, each time the treatment was conducted in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere”

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