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Scalp micropigmentation is a solution that more and more men choose from year to year. In the case of Marcin, pure coincidence made him interested in the solution we offer.


Martin's story

Martin is one of the few of our clients for whom hair loss was not a huge problem. However, everything changed when he met the owner of the clinic – Krzysztof. Marcin was shocked at how natural the effects of the treatments obtained at the Scalpmann Hair & Head Care clinic are. Marcin works in the advertising industry, during the implementation of the order received from our clinic, he learned about the solutions we offer. He had the opportunity to see with his own eyes what the micropigmentation on Christopher’s head looks like. We made a simulation of his appearance for Martin using a specially designed crayon, which, as he admits, strongly confirmed his belief that the treatment we offer will improve his appearance.


Martin about us

„After the micropigmentation treatment, I don’t have to think about styling my hair anymore … my hairstyle always looks just as good”.


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